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Are you looking for AdBlue for your vehicle?

Your vehicle needs to comply with the emission rules and regulations put in place by the authority. Most modern diesel vehicles have Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce the toxic components in the car emissions. In addition, diesel cars have a distinguished reservoir to store AdBlue, which reacts with the SCR catalysts to reduce the effects of the hazardous emission gas elements.

Low levels of AdBlue can increase vehicle emissions and also impact engine performance. Make sure to get prompt AdBlue top-up Leicester from Continental Motors. Our experts efficiently provide AdBlue refills for all major vehicle models at reasonable rates.

Importance of AdBlue

AdBlue is a fuel additive meant to reduce the toxicity of NOx gases emitted by most diesel engines and convert them to non-hazardous gases. As a result, your vehicle can comply with stringent emission standards. In addition, timely refuelling of AdBlue ensures an efficient driving experience and lower chances of MOT failure.

If this fluid runs low in your car, delaying can have a significant effect.

When to opt for AdBlue service Leicester?

Ideally, tanks are filled every six months during maintenance. However, the rate at which cars use AdBlue depends on your driving habits and car model. As per experts, the average consumption of AdBlue is approximately 1 litre per 1000 Km. However, it can reach up to 1 litre every 550 Km.

Henceforth, knowing the notable signs of low AdBlue levels is essential to seek a timely AdBlue top-up. These include:

  • Difficulty starting the car engine
  • Display of AdBlue warning light on the car dashboard
  • Reduced acceleration
  • Reduced engine performance and more

You must come to our facility if you notice the symptoms mentioned above. Our experts will check the vehicle-specific level of AdBlue fluid. Then, they will offer AdBlue refill per manufacturer specification using the designated filler cap.

So conclude your ‘AdBlue top-up near me’ searches, and please connect with us. We are happy to be at your service.