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Are you looking for Engine Oil Flush for your vehicle?

Do you know that engine oil reduces your car's efficiency and performance? Additionally, it affects the fuel economy and might lead to hefty repair and replacement bills in the long run. Therefore, opt for regular engine oil flush to ensure optimum engine performance.

In this regard, consider visiting our workshop Continental Motors. We are a family-run independent garage that offers affordable engine oil flush Leicester services. Our dedication to delivering customers-centric solutions makes us the ideal answer for your best 'engine oil flush near me' searches.

Why opt for engine oil flush?

Are you wondering why your vehicle needs this service?

During combustion, carbon and other pollutants deposit in the exhaust spaces, specifically inside the piston ring grooves. It fouls up gas re-circulation valves and is accountable for more dirt deposits into the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and the engine oil. It also leads to premature accelerated engine wear.

So, a timely engine oil flush from a reliable garage like ours will help clean the internal junk and boost your engine performance. Additionally, it will help you avoid any unnecessary repair and replacement bills down the line.

When to opt for engine oil flush service Leicester?

Go through the following symptoms to understand when your car needs an engine oil flush service.

  • Unusual noise emitted by the engine
  • Failed MOT test due to high emission level
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Oil smell inside the car cabin
  • Some translucent vapour released from the car's tailpipe

Come to our facility soon if you notice any of these symptoms.

Why choose us?

Our workshop comes equipped with the best-in-class technology, and our team has training in dealing with major car makes and models. Furthermore, we maintain a fair pricing policy and are completely transparent about our service charges.

Opting for our engine oil flush service will prove beneficial in various ways:

  • Smoother and faster ride
  • Protection against unusual engine wear
  • Enhance the fuel economy
  • Optimum vehicle responsiveness
  • Enhanced engine performance and service life

Do you still have doubts?

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