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Are you looking for Front Brake Replacement Leicester?

Front brakes handle almost 75% of your vehicle’s braking load. As a result, they generate much more heat than rear discs and pads. Inadequate heat dissipation may cause an untimely failure of your vehicle’s front brakes.

So, opt for a routine inspection to keep your vehicle’s braking system functional. At Continental Motors, we follow advanced diagnostic techniques to detect front brake issues and suggest solutions immediately.

When should you reach us for a front brake replacement Leicester?

Here are some of the common signs that indicate an issue with the front brake in your vehicle:

  • Unusual squealing and grinding noises when you press the brake pad
  • Getting a burning smell while driving the car
  • Feeling low or zero resistance while applying the brake pads
  • Car pulling to one side while braking
  • Indicator light blinking on the dashboard

If you notice any of these signs, consider visiting us immediately. Our experienced team will look into the matter and offer a prompt solution. We use industry-best tools and provide OE-grade replacements for extended service life and performance.

How do we conduct front brake replacement Leicester?

Our technicians implement state-of-the-art techniques for efficient front brake disc and pad replacement. Here are the steps they follow:

  • First, we dismount the tyre and open the brake fluid reservoir cap
  • Next, we remove the calliper and brake pads
  • We tighten the piston and remove the brake rotor
  • Then, we lubricate new brake pads
  • Next, we install the new front brake pads and rotors
  • Then, we attach the calliper to the rotor and re-mount the tyre
  • Finally, we pump the brake pedal

Note: We test-drive the car after completing all the processes as a standard practice to check your vehicle’s performance.

Are you interested?

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