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Are you looking for Rear Brakes (Pads) for your vehicle?

Brake pads are one of the crucial components of your vehicle’s braking system. Rear brake pads help stop a moving automobile by creating friction and pressing the drum or rotor. Unfortunately, being made of steel plates, rear brake pads are more prone to damage. So, responsible vehicle owners should opt for timely checks to ensure the functionality of this component.

At Continental Motors, we offer professional rear brake pad replacement services at market-best prices. We are a reputed garage in Leicester area offering best-in-class services for your safe and comfortable driving experience.

When should you visit us for rear brake pad services Leicester?

Here are some of the tell-tale signs of a faulty brake pad:

Grinding noise while braking

If you hear a grinding noise while pressing brake pads, it is time to replace them. The metal wear indicators in these pads make noise to alert the occupants when it’s time to replace them.

Illuminated brake pad indicator lights

Modern vehicles come equipped with ABS warning lights and brake system warning lights. Brake system warning lights glow on the vehicle’s dashboard upon detecting an issue in your rear brake pads.

Thinner brake pads

Another easy way to inspect if your vehicle’s rear brake pad needs replacement is by examining them visually. If the brake pads appear thinner than their original volume, consider visiting us for an immediate inspection.

Squealing noise while applying brakes

Worn-out brake pads will create a squealing noise on engagement. If you hear such noise, reach us for a rear brake pad replacement Leicester.

How do we conduct rear brake pad replacement?

At Continental Motors, we carry out rear brake pad replacement in the following ways:

  • First, we dismount the rear wheel and remove the bolts from the calliper pins and brackets.
  • Next, we lubricate the calliper pins and remove the rear brake pads.
  • We re-attach the calliper bracket and fix new brake pads into them.
  • Then, we re-attach the calliper and remount the wheel.
Finally, we pump the brake pedal to ensure proper functionality.

Are you interested? Then conclude your ‘rear brake pad replacement near me’ searches with us.

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