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Are you looking for General Repair for your vehicle?

A general repair service ensures all crucial vehicle components are working optimally without glitches or faults. Functional vehicle components facilitate optimum performance and a safe driving experience. At Continental Motors, we employ the industry-best technicians to conduct professional and reliable repairs at affordable rates.

We use advanced tools to carry out services of general repairs Leicester for reliable service. You can book our general repair service for any car make and model. So whether your vehicle has a mechanical or electrical issue, we have you covered!

How do we conduct general repair Leicester?

We follow a comprehensive procedure to conduct general repairs at Continental Motors. Here is a stepwise interpretation of our servicing technique:

  • Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to inspect your vehicle when you visit our facility.
  • After diagnosing your vehicle, we detect the components that need repairing and replacement services.
  • Next, we use OE-grade spares and standard equipment for professional general repair service.

Note: We convey vehicle-related issues and perform the repair procedure only after receiving your consent.

What are the components we repair?

We inspect and repair the following vehicle components under general repair Leicester:


Any minor fault in the braking system can interrupt your driving comfort and cause severe safety hazards. We inspect the brake components like callipers, master cylinders, brake pads, etc. and perform the necessary repair and replacements after consulting with you.


Suspension facilitates a comfortable driving experience by absorbing the shocks generated by rough surfaces. A functional suspension system is crucial for uninterrupted vehicle performance. At Continental Motors, we inspect the springs, shock absorbers, linkages, struts, etc. and replace them with OE-grade spares if needed.


A clutch assembly helps transfer power from the engine to the transmission to facilitate proper acceleration and deceleration. A faulty clutch can affect your vehicle’s driving mechanism abruptly. So, when you reach us for general repairs, we inspect the clutch components and devise the right course of action for optimum functioning.

What else? We also check the following components:

  • Exhaust
  • ABS
  • Transmission
  • Electrical issues
  • Air Bags, etc.

Why choose us?

We are the perfect solution for your ‘general repair near me’ searches! How? Here are the reasons to choose our service range:

  • We accept online bookings and offer free quotations 24/7
  • Our experts provide honest and personalised suggestions
  • We maintain transparent pricing for all clients
  • Our services are highly affordable
  • We provide client-centric services aiming for 100% customer satisfaction

So, reach us at your earliest!

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