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Are you looking for Pre Mot for your vehicle?

Are you worried about whether your vehicle can clear the upcoming MOT assessment? Book a pre-MOT check from Continental Motors! We are a renowned garage in Leicester, fulfilling the vehicular needs of car owners since 1987.

You can come to our facility for services of pre-MOT Leicester at budget-friendly prices. Our technicians will inspect various vehicle components to ensure they are working optimally so the car can pass the test in one go.

Why should you opt for a Pre-MOT inspection?

Every vehicle must clear the annual MOT to ply on the roads legally. However, it is impossible for you to know if your conveyance has any underlying issues that might affect its performance in the test.

In such a scenario, you can trust a reliable garage like ours. Getting a pre-MOT check reduces the chances of MOT failure. Besides, it helps detect the issues in your vehicle on time. So you can steer clear of unforeseen mishaps and get a timely repair or replacement.

How do we conduct Pre-MOT Leicester?

At Continental Motors, our technicians use advanced tools to diagnose the following car components efficiently:

Exhaust system

Every vehicle should meet the standard emission level to clear the MOT test. We will inspect the exhaust components and devise the right course of action upon detecting any faults.


Any minor issues in your vehicle’s braking system can cause severe damage. We will check the brake components like rotors, callipers, and brake pads and suggest replacements if necessary.


A well-functioning suspension is crucial for safe and comfortable drives. It is necessary to track its functionality for optimum driving comfort. We inspect the suspension components and suggest replacement upon noticing any faults.

We also inspect the following components:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Horns
  • Lamps
  • Windshield
  • Wiper blades
  • Screen washer
  • Suspension
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Doors
  • Registration plate and more.

Are you interested? Then consider ending your ‘pre-MOT near me’ searches with us!

You can book a pre-MOT check online or visit our facility at 97-99 Asfordby Street, Leicester, Leicester, LE5 3QL. We accept online bookings 24/7.

We are available Monday to Saturday!

So, wait no more! Get a pre-MOT check from us and get your car MOT ready.

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